La mia Turandot/Ai Weiwei’s Turandot

A documentary by Maxim Derevianko The documentary follows Chinese artist Ai Weiwei during his operatic directorial debut at Rome Opera House, as he draws on Turandot, as a backdrop for many issues that plague mankind. Synopsis The documentary follows Chinese revolutionary artist and activist, Ai Weiwei, during his operatic directorial debut at the Rome Opera […]

The other side of the pipe

A documentary by Marko Kumer Three activists join forces to stand against a massive European gas pipeline project, impacting civil rights from Azerbaijan to southern Italy. Synopsis The Southern Gas Corridor, spanning 3500 kilometers from Azerbaijan to Southern Italy, represents Europe’s largest energy endeavor. Greek farmer Themis, retired teacher Ippazio, and young activist Giacomo feel […]

Kino Volta

KINO VOLTA A FILM by Martin Turk In early 20th century Austro-Hungarian city of Trieste, a group of local fearless entrepreneurs decided to open Ireland’s first full time cinema, the Cinema Volta, led by an unknown english teacher from Dublin: James Joyce. Synopsis In 1909, four fearless entrepreneurs and then-unknown Irish writer James Joyce […]

Erto – The moon beneath the water

A film by Alessandro Negrini A fresco with dreamlike atmospheres in Erto, a village devastated by the Vajont tragedy, torn between the desire for rebirth and the need to preserve the memory of a painful past. Synopsis A portrait of the community of Erto, in the Dolomites, which 60 years ago suffered a huge […]

The identity dilemma

A documentary by Sabrina Morena Five women whose lives have been brushed by the winds of History, are forced to make hard choices that changed their life projects. Synopsis Five actresses and their director are working on a play representing the lives of five women that lived during World War I, looking for the traces […]


A documentary by Miha Čelar Every man is an island. A story about an old man from Slovenia and a small Croatian island. Synopsis Biševo is a tiny Adriatic island – only 5.84 km². The island community is faced with extinction. But, the people who are still there are determined to stay. The youngest couple […]


A documentary by Martin Turk A Story about a group of young artists that in the 70s decided to establish the Slovene amateur theatre SAG in Trieste to represent a critical perception to social reality, not subordinating itself to current political authorities. Synopsis The institution of the Slovene theatre in Trieste was a fundamental cultural […]

Women on the border

Ritrovato il suo diario di guerra dopo la sua morte, una figlia scopre chi era veramente sua madre: una relazione tra due donne nel momento estremo in cui una cessa di vivere e l’altra continua ad esistere.

U.Z.C. – The secret story

A documentary by Massimo Garlatti-Costa A secret story, recently resurfaced after over fifty years, that shows office politics at the Italian borders and the establishment of democracy after WWII. Synopsis Following the end of World War II, the Italian Government acquired jurisdiction over two borderland territories, inhabited by large linguistic minorities, that were dangerously contended […]

Like a bullet around Europe

A documentary by Mauro Tonini The story of an Italian-Slovenian revolutionary idealist through the 20th century between yielding and rebellion, harshness and mercy, fear and courage. Synopsis Beginning with the fascist repression in Slovenian Carso in the 20‘s, the life-tale of a young Slovenian terrorist, Anton Ukmar. The story of his flight to Paris in […]

Mohamed and the fisherman

A documentary by Marco Leopardi A simple and yet powerful story about an incredible rescue in the Mediterranean Sea. The last survivor on a sinking boat departed from Africa, after a week without food nor water. The story of a reunion that brings hope and humanity. Synopsis Mohamed is a young African man who lives […]

In search of Joséphine

A documentary by Eric Ellena In France, Canada, Italy and the Caribbean, there is a historical icon that novelists, historians and curators all share a common passion for – a woman who died in 1814 only to become the central topic of numerous texts and literature worldwide. Synopsis Joséphine de Beauharnais, born Rose Tascher de […]