Cinema Volta

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A docufilm by Martin Turk

In 1909, the Irish writer James Joyce and four local entrepreneurs met in Trieste. He convinced them to invest in the Ireland’s first cinema. More than 100 years later, CINEMA VOLTA is a docufilm about men’s ambitions, desire for success, European identity, and the importance of cinema as a means of bringing people together. A light, spirited and modern tale in which the society of the past and present alternate, under a veil of nostalgic irony.

Details: FULLHD, 70′, Slovenia, Italy
Genre: biography, creative, history
Subject: Drago Jančar
Treatment: Martin Turk
Producer(s): Radovan Mišić, Marta Zaccaron
Production(s): Fabula d.o.o., Incipit Film
Status: in post-production
With the support of: Fondo Audiovisivo del Friuli Venezia Giulia, Friuli Venezia Giulia Film Commission, Slovenian Film Center, Rtv Slovenia, Viba Film, RTÉ

At the beginning of the 20th century, Trieste was a rich and developed city, the third most important city in the Austro-Hungarian Empire after Vienna and Budapest. A city in the vanguard on many fronts, including the cinema, suffice it to say that in 1895 the first cinema projection took place in Paris and only a year later, in 1896, it was Trieste’s turn. Four entrepreneurs from Trieste, Antonio Machnich, Vincenzo Giuseppe Caris, Giovanni Rebez and Lorenzo Francesco Novak, asserted themselves as the pioneers of Trieste’s cinema. Together with James Joyce, in 1909 they opened the first Irish cinema: the Cinema Volta.