About us

Our individual skills, interpersonal relationships, experience and creativity are our strengths.

For over 10 years we’ve surrounded ourselves with people with whom we can grow every day and share our love for what we do.
For each project we assemble the most suitable team on the basis of skill, attitude and affinity.
 We specialize in executive production, and work with experts to support each stage of the production process: research, organization and shooting, technical and post-production support, distribution.

Incipit Projects

How we work

The best projects come from small stories

We select and develop initial ideas from both established and emerging writers and directors, accompanying them through the entire creative process. The relationship of trust we establish with all our interlocutors allows us to create concrete synergies between the production and creative sides of every film. Because only relationships based on trust bring out the best in each project.

From idea to practice

We handle the entire production strategy, executive production, organization of the shoot, right up to the coordination of the post-production phase. All this is made possible by the solid relationships established over the years with extremely specialized and high-level professionals and partners in the sector.

Distribution and marketing

We ensure targeted and dedicated distribution for each audiovisual product, including all the promotional channels the current market offers. We target film festivals and schedule national and international distribution and event screenings. We seamlessly integrate analogue with digital technologies, promoting our projects through both social media and traditional communication tools.
But our products also arrive in museums and cultural institutions, with the production of audiovisual content made according to the needs of each reality.


Marta Zaccaron


Fabiana Balsamo


Camilla Tomba

Production Assistant

Sonia Calligaro

Marketing & Distribution