Like a bullet around Europe

A documentary by Mauro Tonini

The story of an Italian-Slovenian revolutionary idealist through the 20th century between yielding and rebellion, harshness and mercy, fear and courage.

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Beginning with the fascist repression in Slovenian Carso in the 20‘s, the life-tale of a young Slovenian terrorist, Anton Ukmar. The story of his flight to Paris in 1929, then to Moscow in the 30’s to attend the University of Lenin and then the work in military censorship. His missions: work for counter-espionage at first and later to combat on the frontline in the Spanish Civil War against Franco; in Ethiopia with Ethiopian patriots against Italians in 1939; in France with the Maquis; in North-western Italy as a partisan commander fighting against the Nazis until the end of WWII. In 1946 he is back home, and has political commitments among workers’ uprisings and the clash between Stalin and Tito’s supporters on a still contended eastern border. Who really was Anton Ukmar?

The documentary film will try and reveal this, by tracking his footprints, with his daughter Dunja who never learnt from him the many secrets of his adventures. By visiting the places he went, interviewing witnesses and experts, watching impressive archive footage and reading crucial documents, we will piece together Ukmar’s figure, supported by the historian Sandi Volk, who wants to write a book about the hero. We will discover how his story goes against all stereotypes: he was a Communist Party’s agent, yet never an orthodox, a supporter of people’s revolt and armed subversion, yet a kindly, cheerful man; he never had high political posts, yet was often acquainted with top secrets. His intriguing personal story as a revolutionary also offers an original view over the conflict among Countries and ideologies.


Details: FULLHD, 52′, Italy, Slovenia, Spain, France, Russia, Ethiopia, 2014
Theme: History, Resistance
Director: Mauro Tonini
Subject: Mauro Tonini and Sandi Volk
Screenplay: Mauro Tonini and Mark Mc Ilrath
Producer: Marta Zaccaron
Co-producer: Igor Pediček
Production: Quasar Multimedia
Co-production: Casablanca Film Production, RTV Slovenia
Status: in distribution
With the support of: FVG Audiovisual Film Fund, Slovenian Film Centre (SFC)