The last miners

Notes and memoirs of four now elderly former miners of Cave del Predil A short documentary collecting the memories of four elderly miners – Felice Sabidussi, Danilo Kravanja, Gianfranco Pontarini and Valerio Rossi – who lived and worked a lifetime in the former Cave del Predil Mine. A documentary produced by Incipit Film with the […]

Gris Biblia Pauperum

A multimedia journey of discovery through a cycle of frescoes which is unique The Gris Biblia Pauperum project was born out of a desire to highlight the unique and little-known historical-artistic heritage of the church of Sant’Andrea in Gris, in the Municipality of Bicinicco. The church of Sant’Andrea is in fact the only one in the Friuli […]

SEARTH – The European Video-Art Contest in the Adriatic Lagoon

An international video-art contest for young artists under 35 from Austria, Italy and Slovenia. An international video-art competition, set in the Lagoon of Grado (GO). 9 artists under 35 from Italy, Slovenia and Austria participate in an artistic residency with the aim of reinterpreting the Lagoon of Grado through video art, specifically the areas of […]

To the origins of the mine

A visual journey to discover the former Bretto Gallery, Monte Re and the Laveria of Cave del Predil. A short documentary about the ex former Cave del Predil Mine and its unaccessible zones like lower levels of the Bretto Tunnel, the Monte Re area, and the Laveria, accompanied by footage of Geological measurements taken by […]


The river, the railroad: a path of clashes and encounters throughout the Centuries An audiovisual project that aims to highlight how the social and cultural life of the Natisone and Cividalese Valleys territory has always been influenced by the presence of the border. Through this project a virtual reality film was made, with Alberto Moretti‘s […]

The story of Re Fosco

An animation project about Refosco wine A storytelling project with promotional and educational value, to tell wine through stories of the territory and to tell the territory through wine. Refosco, and its history, told through three short episodes made with the video-animation technique. A project by Incipit Film, in partnership with Promoturismo FVG, Comune di […]

The Laveria of Cave del Predil

A short documentary about the story of the Laveria in the processing cycle of the former mine of Cave del Predil. A collection of memories of a piece of Friuli Venezia Giulia’s history, which takes the viewer on a journey to discover the history of the Laveria of Cave del Predil and its role in […]

Pan di Sorc

Discovering the Friulian tradition A visual journey to discover the places of Friuli’s rural tradition. A project by Incipit Film realized with the Pan di Sorc Association, Carnico Museum of Folk Arts Michele Gortani, City of Gemona di Friuli, Slow Food Italia, Friuli Venezia Giulia Region, Promoturismo FVG, in collaboration with the Associazione Natura Cavalli […]

Lignano Sabbiadoro

A long walkway to the sea A multimedia project about the story of the well-known Friulian seaside resort through a series of videos made from archival material. Accompanying it are exhibition panels using historical postcards (from the early 1900s to the 1970s) from the collection of the Lignano Sabbiadoro Municipal Library. An Incipit Film project, […]

Diogene Penzi – San Vito al Tagliamento

The Friulian peasant world told through modern audiovisual language The Diogenes Penzi project was created with the intention of engaging the visitor in a unique museum experience, discovering the Friulian farming world through a dynamic and varied tour, where the films made complement and complement the story of the objects on display in the various […]

Women of the Resistance

A project sustained by the European “Europe for Citizens” programme and realized by 6 cultural organization from three countries: Italy, Slovenia and Croatia. “Women of the resistance” is a project started with the discovery of the diary of Maria Antonietta Moro, a partisan borned on the Italian-Slovenian border who fought for the liberation from the […]

In Lampedusa

A photography exhibition by Marta Zaccaron, exposed in Trieste and Udine. A photography exhibition born to document through images the portraits of immigrant people landed in Lampedusa and then welcomed in Friuli Venezia Giulia. Lampedusa has been chosen as a reportage’s starting point both because the island has become a symbol of immigration in Italy, […]

The history of European women

A cultural project for Friuli Venezia Giulia high schools. During 2018, the students of selected Friuli Venezia Giulia high schools took part on a research work about 50 female prominent figures that signed the European history of 20th century in many areas: art, science, geography, sport and politics. The result of this activity is a […]

Mohamed on Tour

Mohamed and the fisherman in projection all over Italy. Thanks to our collaboration with joiurnalists and cultural associations, in 2014 we showed the documentary “Mohamed and the fisherman” around Italy. A unique occasion to examine in depth the major themes treated in the documentary and open new dialogues. Screned at Libreria Griot, Rome With the participation of: […]

The story of Anton Ukmar

The adventure of a Italo-Slovenian idealist revolutionary through the 20th century. First a communist, then a pro-slovene nationalist terrorist, in 1929 he fled from the police and began a long journey to the most violent places of war of the last century. To document the history of Anton Ukmar we collaborated with numerous historians from all […]

Joséphine in Friuli

Joséphine De Beauharnais arrives in Friuli Venezia Giulia. Thanks to our collaboration with the cultural association “La Giordola” (Marano Lagunare – UD) and the french association “Le souvenir Napoléonien”, in 2015 we organized a cultural event at Feltrinelli Bookshop in Udine, with the screening of the documentary in conversation with Paolo Foramitti. ––– Discover more about […]