The history of European women

A cultural project for Friuli Venezia Giulia high schools.

During 2018, the students of selected Friuli Venezia Giulia high schools took part on a research work about 50 female prominent figures that signed the European history of 20th century in many areas: art, science, geography, sport and politics. The result of this activity is a publication (86 pages) of 300 copies and 15 short videos.

Thanks to this project, we have realized 3 workshops about:
women militants who have fought for more rights;
women in science, research and sports;
women in art and literature: painters, sculptors, photographers, writers

High schools involved

Liceo Carducci Dante, Trieste
Liceo scientifico Oberdan, Trieste
Liceo scientifico Galileo Galilei, Udine
I.S.I.S. A. Malignani, Udine
Liceo Caterina Percoto, Udine


Archivio Luce
Historical archives – Pathé
Film Archiv Austria
Cineteca del Friuli