The story of Anton Ukmar

The adventure of a Italo-Slovenian idealist revolutionary through the 20th century

First a communist, then a pro-slovene nationalist terrorist, in 1929 he fled from the police and began a long journey to the most violent places of war of the last century. To document the history of Anton Ukmar we collaborated with numerous historians from all over the world:

– Sandi Volk, Slovenian historian from Trieste;
– Milica Kacin Wohinz, sa Slovenian historian and expert on Slovenian nationalist movements at the turn of the 1920s;
– Anna Millo, author of “La difficile intesa. Roma e Trieste nella questione giuliana 1945-1954”;
– Mimmo Franzinelli, historian and expert of the OVRA, Organization for the Surveillance and Repression of Anti-fascism, on the clandestinity of the PCI;
– Elena Dundovich, expert on Stalinist purges 1934-1938;
– Claudio Venza, Professor of History of Contemporary Spain at the Faculty of History of the University of Trieste;
– Angelo Del Boca, the greatest historian of Italian colonialism;
– Richard Pankhurst, the most important historian of Ethiopia and its relations with Europe;
– Andrew Hilton, Ethiopian resistance expert, the author of the collection of testimonies “The Ethiopian Patriots”;
– Gimelli Franco, compiler of the most recent and complete memory on resistance in Liguria;
– Gorazd Bajc, a Slovenian historian and expert on British services in the Italian resistance.


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