It’s not Paradise

A documentary by Elisa Cozzarini

Victor (73) is a rich man living in Seattle. He has an obsession: finish his nine-volume epic series about Dracula. This gives him the courage to return to his own origins in Romania, 50 years after his break for freedom.

Info: FullHD, 52′, Italy, Romania
Theme: Historical, Social issues
Author and director: Elisa Cozzarini
Co-author: Pietro Spirito
Screenplay: Elisa Cozzarini, advisor Alejandro De La Fuente
Director of Photography: Sabrina Varani
With: Victor Foia
Producer: Marta Zaccaron, Fabiana Balsamo, Cristina Badea
Production: Incipit Film in co-production with Adenium Film
Status: pre-production
With the support of: FVG Audiovisual Film Fund

At 73, Victor feels that he must hurry if he wants to finish his project: a nine-volume epic about Vlad III, better known as Dracula. Victor wants to restore his national hero’s dignity and unmask the lie that portrays him as a vampire all over the world.
But in his journey to Romania, Hungary, and Italy, Victor is looking for more than traces of the real Dracula. It’s a return to the origins and to his childhood and youth in Ceauşescu’s Romania, 50 years after his break for freedom. He took a leap into the unknown that brought him to the West – first to Trieste, where he was held prisoner in the Free West refugee camp, then to a new life in the United States, where he had a brilliant career.
Thanks to Dracula, Victor can reconnect with his roots and the events that helped shaping him in the man he is today.