Fatal Error

A docu drama by Boris Jurjaševič

The story a man who was wrongly convicted to 32 years imprisonment for murder.

Info: FULLHD, 49’, Italy, Slovenia
Theme: crime, justice, biography
Subject: Zdenko Kodrič
Music: Luca Ciut
Producer: Igor Pediček
Co-producer: Marta Zaccaron
Production: Casablanca Film Production
Co-production: Quasar Multimedia and RTV Slovenia
Status: in post-distribution
With the support of: Fondo Audiovisivo FVG

The main hero, Martin Uhernik, finds himself involved una crime: the murder of his neighbor Jakob Luzar. The Court of first instance adjudicated his acquittal since there was lack of sufficient evidence of the murder. Some politicians and local authorities interfere in the judgement, so the prosecution requests to repeat the trial before the High Court. New evidence is found and the higher court sentenced Uhernik to prison. His wife Ana is accused of taking part in the crime as well. During the eight years of imprisonment the family falls apart: the wife passes away, the eight and twelve years old children are left to the care of other people. The locals talk about a presumed murder and indicate the possibility of somebody else’s involvement in the crime.