Women in bus

A documentary by Michele Codarin and Marta Zaccaron

A bus that every week travels from a small city in the North-East of Italy to Morocco, to take home for the festivities those migrant workers who live there. A long and wearing journey to return home, to embrace family again, to feel the dry hot weather of Northern Africa, to celebrate the tea ceremony, to meet old friends in the dusty alleys of their hometowns. A journey to remember where everything started, to wonder if identity refers to one’s present or to one’s past.

Info: Betacam SP, 42’, Italy, Morocco, 2006
Theme: Society, Women
Subject: Maria Pia Tamburlini and Lucia Coszach
Screenplay: Maria Pia Tamburlini and Michele Codarin
Music: Paolo Corberi
Production: Quasar Multimedia and La Giordola
Status: in distribution
With the support of: Friuli Venezia Giulia Region, Udine Municipality and Cultural Association “La Giordola”.

The idea for this documentary came from the discovery of a bus service that rides from Torviscosa (Udine, Italy) to Morocco, to Fqui Ben Salah (Beni Mellal), south of Casablanca. The passengers are the hundreds of Moroccan men and women that work in the different regions of Northern Italy. In particular, every year many women go back to their homes with or without their children: housewives, housemaids, domestic helpers, factory workers. We wanted to learn through the protagonists’ original voices and experiences, about the difficulties they encountered getting in touch with the Western society and culture and the adjustments they had to make to be integrated. We wanted to understand the problems they meet when they are back at home, the attitude they have to put up in order to be re-accepted after the betrayal of leaving their home. We wanted to show the qualities of hospitality in Italy and at the same time take note of the flaws that still remain, understanding the problems that make these women foreigners both here in Italy and in their countries will help them overcome them.

Festival: Calendidonna (Udine) March 2006; MoliseCinema – August 2006; Alpe Adria Cinema (Trieste) – December 2006; NonSoloBarocco (Modica) – April 2007; La Manifattura (Bologna) – July 2007.